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What Sonos Soundbar is Right for Me?

 When selecting the right Sonos soundbar, consider factors such as the size of your TV, the size of your room, the desired sound quality, and your budget.


At the entry level, the Sonos Ray is designed for smaller rooms and TVs less than 55 inches. It features 4 internal speakers and an optical output, making it a budget-friendly option at $279. The Ray fits well in most TV stands and is ideal for a master bedroom or den, providing crisp TV dialogue and streaming music through the Sonos app.


For larger rooms and TVs up to 65 inches, the Sonos Beam Gen 2 is a good choice. With 5 internal speakers and an HDMI eArc connection, the Beam Gen 2 is voice-enabled and Dolby Atmos capable. Priced at $499, it comes with an optical adapter. The Beam allows you to stream all your favorite music using the Sonos app, making it suitable for a living room setting.


For those seeking the best sound quality, the premium Sonos soundbar, the Sonos Arc, is ideal. It boasts 11 internal speakers, including 2 dedicated height channels, and is perfect for TVs larger than 50 inches in great rooms or dedicated viewing rooms. The Arc, priced at $899, features an HDMI eArc connection, is voice-enabled, and Dolby Atmos capable. It delivers premium sound quality and supports streaming music via the Sonos app, making it perfect for a high-end home theater experience.

Additionally, all Sonos soundbars can be paired with the Sonos Mini-Sub or the Sonos Sub for those looking to add the punch of subwoofers.

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