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When Upgrading My Bose Lifestyle system, Do I Need to Upgrade My Music Zones?

Often when consulting with clients on upgrading their old Bose Lifestyle systems to a new Sonos system, clients are often surprised to learn that if they have additional music zones in their home, the old Bose music zone amplifiers also need to be upgraded to Sonos amplifiers. The reason is the music zones are physically connected to the Bose Lifestyle console for the music sources. The Bose amplifiers will not connect to the Sonos system. In most cases, the existing Bose speakers can be used with the new Sonos amplifiers. There is a no hardwired connection from the Sonos Home Theater system and the Sonos music zone amplifiers. This connection is made wirelessly through the Sonos amp and therefore no new wiring is needed. Additionally with the Sonos amplifiers, no music zone remote controls are need. The music zones are controlled through the Sonos app. For help upgrading your Bose system, schedule a free consultation by calling 888-775-2673. Please visit our website @

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